FROM professionals

The workshop was fantastic and my teachers had nothing but wonderful things to say about the presentation. One teacher has even started to implement the checklist that you shared in the powerpoint. Nothing but positive feedback from NCCN!
— Carolyn, Nursery School Director
I just wanted to thank you for the (consultation). Our partnership for our two students achieved positive outcomes. Thank you for providing us with the tools and strategies to help them out.
— Carol, Nursery School Director
Extremely relevant, very helpful and enlightening. Lots of great resources and takeaways.
— Teacher (Anonymous)
Very engaging presentation, great info, humor, as well as compassion and understanding of (challenges) for teachers.
— Teacher (Anonymous)
This information was so applicable to what we do and gave concrete tips for how to provide families with the best services we can.
— Teacher (Anonymous)

From parents

I can’t say thank you enough for your help! Thank you for the progress E. made so far. That can’t be achieved without your hard work. And I am very impressed by your detailed discussion about E. today, the detailed description. I couldn’t describe her as well and I’m her mother!
— Mae B.
Francine was a huge support to me. When a parent is confronted with their child having a disability it is a difficult and frightening time. Francine was always there to offer support. She explained test results to me and how these results would impact my child. I always felt that Francine was an advocate for me as well as my son.
— Paula T.
Just wanted to share my excitement with you. B. read a story and then was able to draw pictures to retell the story explaining everything to me as he did it. I cannot explain how much this means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Will T.
Thank you for all your hard work. D. is doing an amazing job. I’ve seen so much growth in him thanks to you!
— Beth M.