speech pathologist

Francine’s highly acclaimed success rate with children in therapy is based on a number of factors including experience, skills, and the use of current, evidence-based therapies. Too often, children flounder in speech therapy for months and years making little, or no, progress because of an incorrect, or poor, diagnosis or clinicians using cookie-cutter therapies for all their clients. Francine’s strong background and theoretical knowledge of speech and language skills, child development, and social/emotional growth combined with over 35 years experience enables her to paint a clear, broad, and accurate profile of your child’s communication skills. 

Francine has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of early childhood language including verbal expression, language processing and attending, and social language skills. She is an expert in the field of Apraxia and developmental delays in oral-motor planning and sound production. She has presented workshops on the topic in the tri-state area to other Speech-Language Pathologists and developed her own line of therapy tools that can easily be generalized to home use.   

Francine keeps current in the field of speech-language pathology by attending workshops and conferences, taking academic courses, sharing with professional colleagues,  and reading trade journals. She knows “one size” or “one therapy technique” does not fit all. That’s why she keeps adding new evidenced-based therapies and “commercial” programs into her therapy toolbox to help her create remedial programs that are individually tailored to meet the needs, abilities, and interests of each child. 

Speech language therapy is hard work for little ones. But she tries to to keep it fun. That means keeping the child engaged and on task. And that takes experience, creativity, expertise, patience, and a sense of humor - skills Francine brings to every therapy session.


Educational Advocate

A referral to special education is often frightening and confusing. Francine will guide you through the referral process - from the initial meeting to the development of an individualized family or educational plan- so that the best interests of your child are realized. Francine provides parents with non-legal, advocacy and support, to better understand early intervention and the  special education process. As a certified public school administrator, Francine understands state and Federal laws pertaining to special education and will work to educate and empower parents to become their child’s strongest advocate.   


licenses & Certifications

Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC) from ASHA

New York  State License in Speech-Language Pathology

Connecticut State License in Speech-Language Pathology

New Jersey State License in Speech-Language Pathology

New York State Teacher Certificate - Teacher of the Speech & Hearing Handicapped

Connecticut State Teacher Certificate - Teacher of the Speech & Hearing Handicapped


Connecticut Intermediate Administrator Certificate

American Speech-Language - Hearing Association (ASHA)

New York State Speech-Language - Hearing Association (NYSSLHA)

Westchester Speech Language Hearing Association (WSLHA)

National Association for the Education  of Young Chidren

Council for Exceptional Children

PROMPT Trained